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The four guiding principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child are: Non-discrimination Priority given to the best interests of the child Right to life, survival and development Respect for the views of the child.

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Good Shepherd Orphanage and Old People’s Foundation is devoted to the care of orphans, old people  and other children who were separated from their biological families. Since 2011 we have  been try our best  providing a home where infants are brought up to serve as alternative actors in welfare, development and  protection of  child , we are  taking  adequate care of  many  Vulnerable children  through provision of  home care,  health  care , education opportunities   and  capacity building. Our aim is to ensure that every child will receive the adequate daily life requirements as food, shelter and clothing, medical care ,sound education  and entrepreneurship skill  to enable them  to be  useful in the future, we vividly understand  the burden of old age, that is why we devotes resources on daily bases  helping older people live full and secure lives . You can pattern with us through your donation and support

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Children are our better tomorrow. Train our Orphans and poor through education and this our country will be a paradise on earth. You can choose and/or education partially or totally as you so desire

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We provide education for the children of the home. We have also established our own Nursery/Primary school where the children are getting education for free with the support and contribution of our benefactors. We have other children in secondary schools, schooling in other schools. By the special grace of God we are planning to establish secondary school for them and to accommodate other school drop out children. The land is already available but the money to develop it is what we are waiting for. May God Help all of us to achieve this dream… Amen…You can give a scholarship to a child, because whatever you do to little children, you do unto me Matt. 25:40. He who loves a cheerful giver will reward you with your heart desire. You can give hope to our children weekly, monthly quarters, yearly… Try and give hope


We need Partners all of the world to continue doing what God have committed in the our hand

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Support Indigent folks  by providing food, shelter, Health care, children’s toys and educational assistance.


Let us join hand together and raise up children to make our country a better place. You can get involve by training a child to learn how to do tie and dye. By connecting our home to other people that can help. Sponsor a child to learn hair dressing or how to make soap, Izal by coming around to help at home or to take care of our sick ones


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Good shepherd Orphanage is committed in putting smile and bringing fresh hope to indigents children and old folks ….

Together we build world of hope for less privilege

Rev. Sis With her Excellency

Together we build world of hope for less privilege


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We strive to provide quality education for our children

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Rev. Sis. Rita Ibekwe


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Title: Nurturing Virtue: A Guide to Child Moral Upbringing


In a rapidly changing world, where technology and information flow seamlessly, the importance of a strong moral foundation for children cannot be overstated. As parents, caregivers, and educators, it’s our responsibility to guide the younger generation towards becoming compassionate, ethical, and virtuous individuals. The journey of child moral upbringing is a delicate yet rewarding endeavor that requires intention, consistency, and a deep understanding of the values we aim to instill.

1. Lead by Example

Children are like sponges, absorbing the behaviors and attitudes of those around them. To foster a strong moral compass, adults must model the behaviors and virtues they wish to see in their children. Honesty, kindness, respect, and empathy should be consistently demonstrated in daily interactions. When children witness these virtues in action, they’re more likely to internalize them as natural ways of living.

2. Open Communication

Creating an environment where children feel comfortable discussing their thoughts and feelings is crucial. Encourage them to express their doubts, questions, and concerns about moral issues without fear of judgment. Engage in age-appropriate conversations about ethical dilemmas, fairness, and empathy, allowing them to develop critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of the complexities of moral decision-making.

3. Storytelling and Literature

Stories have been used for centuries to convey moral lessons and values. Whether it’s traditional fables, religious parables, or modern children’s literature, stories provide a safe space to explore various virtues and their consequences. After reading a story, discuss its moral lessons and ask your child how they would have handled the situations presented. This encourages them to think about the choices characters made and reflect on their own actions.

4. Encourage Empathy

Empathy is a cornerstone of moral development. Teach children to consider the feelings and perspectives of others. When conflicts arise, encourage them to put themselves in another’s shoes to understand different viewpoints. Volunteering and community service can also help children connect with others and develop a sense of responsibility towards their community.

5. Set Clear Boundaries

While fostering independence is important, setting clear boundaries is equally vital. Boundaries provide a sense of safety and structure, helping children understand right from wrong. Explain the reasons behind rules and restrictions, so children can grasp the ethical principles underlying them. Consistency in enforcing boundaries ensures that children understand the importance of adhering to them.

6. Encourage Critical Thinking

As children grow, they should be encouraged to think critically about moral issues. Present them with scenarios that require ethical decision-making and guide them through the process of weighing the pros and cons of different choices. This helps develop their moral reasoning abilities and equips them to navigate complex situations with integrity.

7. Celebrate Progress, Not Perfection

Moral development is a lifelong journey, and it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate small victories along the way. Avoid placing unrealistic expectations on children to be perfectly virtuous. Instead, focus on their effort, growth, and willingness to learn from their mistakes.


In a world where moral ambiguity can sometimes cloud ethical judgment, the role of parents, caregivers, and educators in nurturing children’s virtues is paramount. Through leading by example, open communication, storytelling, empathy cultivation, and thoughtful boundary-setting, we can provide children with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of life with integrity and compassion. As we invest in their moral upbringing, we are not only shaping better individuals but also contributing to a brighter future for society as a whole.

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